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Jesse Born Puzzles

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: The Sherlockian Box: A 5-Month Subscription Experience

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: The Sherlockian Box: A 5-Month Subscription Experience

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ABOUT THE PUZZLE EXPERIENCE: This is the first international release of Jesse Born's very first subscription-based puzzle experience: The Sherlockian Box.

This puzzle was designed as a 5-month experience (condensed into a single shipment for international orders) where puzzlers are tasked to uncover clues, decipher codes, and unravel the mystery of the locked Sherlockian box. Puzzlers will be shipped a single box containing all five month's packets, including a locked puzzlebox that holds the answer to the mystery... if you can open it.

(For USA orders, please see the companion product listing for monthly shipments.)

This release may be limited as this is a new format for Jesse Born puzzles. We intend to re-release this subscription box in the future, so if you didn't get in this run, we'll post again when we're ready to re-open orders.

WHAT CAN I EXPECT? This is a new format and involves more paper-based puzzling than other puzzles I've previously released. You will receive a packet every month that involves reading through information, searching for discrepancies and secrets, and other clues. There is a tactile component involved each month, but be aware the written portion is significant. This puzzle may not be for everyone!

We invite feedback from puzzlers so we can incorporate suggestions into any new releases. 

HOW SHIPMENTS WORK: For international orders, we will ship a single shipment containing all five month's packets. Each of those packets contains information, clues, and other items to assist the discovery process. We anticipate shipping the "complete set" international orders by September 15th; however, if there are more international orders than expected, we may push this date out to accommodate the extra build time required for the extra orders.

HOW PAYMENTS WORK: The total cost of this subscription is $580. For international orders, the full sum is charged up front.

*Please note image is of a prototype, and the final box may differ slightly from the one shown.

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